Temporary Staffing - The Benefits

7 May 2019

According to a study by the Freelance Union, by 2020 half of the workforce will be made up of contractors. This shows that contracting is becoming increasingly popular among candidates, and it seems this trend will continue as the workforce shifts towards temporary staffing.

Contractors can add value and address business challenges whether it be dealing with transition periods in a business, supporting rapid growth.

They can also provide cover or additional resource for holiday/sickness/maternity, project related work, increased workloads, seasonal peaks, whilst hiring permanent staff or during a headcount freeze.

They are also extremely important when hiring for niche or specific skill sets for technology, data, analytics and finance related roles.

Many businesses will utilise temporary, contract and interim staff during unsettling political and economic climates.

The Benefits


The cost of hiring a contractor on a short-mid term basis is often cheaper than the cost of committing to hiring a permanent employee, given the associated salary and benefits costs. It is important to consider, however, contract assignments that are expected to run for more than a few months could end up costing more in the long run.


Hiring contractors offers flexibility to employers who can benefit during unexpected busy times or seasonal peaks which require additional resource or for an urgent requirement to cover for sickness, holidays or maternity cover.

Contractors also offers smaller companies the ability to be able to adapt their team during busier and quieter periods, where hiring and firing permanent staff can be time-consuming, costly and detrimental to morale.

Working interview

Finding permanent employees that are the right fit/culture fit for most organisations can be challenging. Contractors provide employers with the chance to evaluate workers over a longer period without committing to a permanent offer.

They can also remove some of the urgency associated with filling a permanent vacancy, ensuring employers can take their time finding the right permanent hire, without affecting productivity or morale.

Skilled Workers

Contractors usually have a very specific skill set and are accustomed to performing on very niche projects. Many are ‘career’ contractors and have years of experience in a specialist or niche area, meaning clients do not need to train them and they can hit the ground running. Contractors tend to focus on a specific niche meaning they’re more likely to be up to date with changes in their industry and with cutting-edge technologies and practices.

Contractors have also often worked in many different companies and cultures giving them a diverse array of organisational experience. This can give contractors a fresh or unique perspective and can allow them to evaluate a client’s business and processes from an outside perspective.

Immediate Impact

Temporary workers are used to joining organisations for a short period of time, so can make an immediate impact on a client’s business. The process for hiring temporary workers is usually a lot quicker as clients will be hiring to cover a for an immediate requirement or on technical skills to deliver something specific rather than long-term cultural fit.

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