Teamwork makes the dream work!

23 April 2019

Creating a strong team is essential and largely accountable for the success and growth of any high-performing business. If your employees don't work well together, issues can arise including poor performance, lack of productivity, toxic culture and general conflict.

Here are a few of the key attributes of a high performing team - 

Communication - The best teams communicate openly and share thoughts, opinions and ideas and appreciate what colleagues have to say. Effective communication is essential for team morale and for providing clarity on expectations and collaboration. Poor communication can lead to poor performance, delays in completion of work and can create unnecessary conflict.

Focus - Strong teams agree on team-based goals, rather than just individual output. A clear plan can then be set about how they are going to achieve these objectives, as a group. This provides the team with clear direction and gives them something to aim for collectively.

Contribution - It is essential that each team member contributes their fair share of the workload and fully understand what their responsibilities are int he overall team goal. They feel a sense of belonging and importance are committed to their work and really care about the success of the company.

Support - Team members are always happy to support each other. The strongest teams are more productive when they are also offered support from the business they work for and are provided with access to the resources required to perform to the best of their ability.

Leadership - A strong team need a strong leader that they trust and respect. This is essential as they are the person who holds the team together, who creates an enjoyable, rewarding working environment and who is be responsible for setting expectations, offering support and motivating the team.

Fun - It shouldn’t be all work and no play! The strongest teams make time to socialise and have some fun! Getting to know your colleagues outside of the office makes for a more relaxed and enjoyable working environment.

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