Market Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

13 September 2018

Employment in the UK is at a record high, with more people in work than ever before, this is great news for our economy, but it does mean that less people are looking for new jobs, leaving vacancies unfilled and employers low on resources.

These ongoing skills shortages are affecting many industries across the UK, it’s important for you as the organisation to be as proactive as possible and be aware of these trends.

MarkJames Search will take you through a few market trends that you need to be conscious of to recruit, attract and retain the top talent.

More companies are hiring

Advertised jobs in the UK recently increased by 9.2%, this increase is happening across majority of industries.

This does suggest that you are feeling confident about your hiring plans, but it also means there is a lot more choice for candidates. You need to make sure that your vacancies are as concise as they can be, you need to do everything you can to attract more candidates and set yourself apart from the competition.

Candidates are showing interest, but holding back

Candidate registrations have increased by 2.2% month on month, these findings suggest that many job seekers are interested in starting new roles but are only interested in moving for the best opportunities.

This puts pressure on you as the employer to offer enticing packages with competitive salaries, perks and benefits. You need to consider what makes your company stand out, you need to vocalise anything that gives you that edge. This will help massively with your recruitment strategy.

Average salaries are increasing in key locations

Key cities in the UK are witnessing increases in pay and there is several factor’s influencing this. Employers understand the need to keep up with market averages and offer top salaries to those that deserve them.

This again shows that you as the employer are feeling more confident and it is prompting you to grow your workforce and increase your budgets.


You need to understand what is happening in the market to recruit effectively, candidates are holding back on applying for jobs unless they tick all the right boxes, you need to ensure you that you are offering the fairest and competitive packages. 

Our team at MarkJames Search are experts in recruitment you will have one dedicated point of contact to manage all your recruitment needs. From in depth interviews, to salary advice and a whole host of post placement support, we will support you throughout the whole process.


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