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1 February 2019

We all get that Friday feeling, when excitement for whatever lies ahead on your two days of freedom kicks in.

Call me crazy but, what if you had a Monday feeling? Or even a Tuesday feeling… why stop there what if you enjoyed every single day simply because you love your job, I do.  

You may think I sound crazy… most people do, but one thing I am sure about is the fact that I would never settle for anything less than I deserve. That couldn’t be truer than settling for a job, not just any job, a job that you love!

Most kids grow up with an idea what they would like to be, I wanted to be a ‘princess ballerina’ and buy my mum a stretched pink limousine. Sadly, my ballet career ended at the age of five as my ballet teacher said I had about as much grace as a baby elephant and in case you’re wondering I didn’t marry a prince either.

Unlike myself, most children have realistic ideas of what they want to be when they grow up, and these vocations are usually achievable, nurses, teachers, police officer, actor/actress. I however am a non-academic and I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which basically means I have the attention span of a fish, so unlike your ‘normal’ child choosing something I not only love but am good at, slims my job choices down quite dramatically.

I am however a ‘people person’ so for me it seems was a good route was somewhere I could utilise my relationship building skills.

Like some, I didn’t choose my career path it chose me, but I am glad it did as I not only love my job but love the people, I work with they have just as much determination and fun ingrained in them as I do.

If I am anything to go by most people should find it easy to find out what their dream job would be. If you are working in a job now and constantly wish your weeks away, hate Mondays? Then let’s get started on finding your new dream job.

Right, what are you passionate about? Get a bit of paper and make a start, write down what you love doing, what your good at, having a sense of achievement in your job will help you to strive to be the best. What are your previous skills?

Sadly, not every job you will be able to jump into straight away, but don’t let that deter you. Look at what pathways you can take to get there, don’t be afraid to ‘knock on employers’ doors’ they will be able to advise on graduate routes or offer roles with training routes in order to get you on the right pathway to your destination.

Looking to change your career and need career advice to, choose a job you’ll love? Give us a call at MarkJames Search, I’d be happy to help and advise.

 Over and Out - Meghan Hughes Associate Director MarkJames Search

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