Challenges for recruitment in 2018

8 January 2018

Recruitment is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Technical advances, increased globalisation, social changes, and behavioural transformations of candidates are all factors that directly affect recruitment.

Here are just four of the major challenges that both in-house recruiters, and recruitment agencies are currently facing:

A candidate driven market

The ball is in the candidate’s court, and those with skills that are highly in demand are in a different court altogether.

Candidates now have more power than ever before and are hopping jobs more frequently. Salary expectations are rising along with competition for qualified individuals, and that puts companies and agencies at a disadvantage. It’s highly likely that your star candidate also has 3 other opportunities lined up too.

Shortage of skills

It’s harder to find the right talent.

There is a significant shortage of technical skills – and those skills change as rapidly as your IOS. As technology continues to evolve, it creates a gap in the market. More and more jobs require specific technical skills, whilst others that didn’t have a particularly technical aspect to them now demand reinvention.

Finding the right candidate is getting difficult with more unqualified applicants and stretching the interviewing process across many weeks.

To solve this issue, companies should focus on continuous training and educational opportunities for all of their staff.

Employee attraction and attention

Employers have to consider how they can stand out from competitors to draw in talent. Candidates expect an extra level of service and if you can surprise and delight them through your brand and your company values you’ll not only attract the right candidates, but retain your hires.

Using the right technology is also important. The right digital tools can help in speeding up the application process and there are endless ways to make it more interactive and attractive for potential candidates.

In order to attract quality candidates, companies need to know how to effectively market their roles. Our team at MarkJames Search are experts in recruitment and will assign an account manager as your one dedicated point of contact to manage all of your recruitment needs. From in depth interviews, to salary advice and a whole host of post placement support, we will support you throughout the whole process. Contact us on or call 0118 4670671.

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