6 Skills You Should be Including in Your CV

4 July 2018

Recruiters are not only looking for industry specific requirements but those strengths and skills that are transferable into any position. A recruiter needs to be able to go beyond the skills listed in your CV, they need to be able to review your achievements, experiences and results to uncover core skills that are fundamental for any role.

MarkJames Search have listed 6 skills that you should include in your CV:


Your drive should be reflected in all aspects of your CV, through the way you detail your previous experience and your ambition to progress and develop as well as your motivation to achieve in any role you undertake, you can do this by explaining a few result driven examples.

Recruiters are looking to find candidates who are passionate to deliver so make sure you highlight your previous accomplishments and achievements where you can.


If you have examples of where you contributed to not only your own personal target but linking these to how your actions affected an overall team or organisation.


You don’t have to wait till an interview to prove you are good at building rapport and relationships with those around you. Outline ways in which you have formed relationships that have in turn been able to benefit you and your career, this could be through formal networking or through working across different departments and teams.

Add a link to your LinkedIn profile so potential employers can review your endorsements and testimonials.


If you plan your own workload and develop your own actions to ensure the success of goals and targets, then put this on your CV. This is a skill that all potential employers will be looking for.

If you have any examples of project work where you have put together a strategy and exhibited a clear timeline of results or implemented a new process, then put this on your CV.


If you have ever identified a problem and brought forward methods or ideas to overcome the issue, then this is great experience to have on your CV.

Every company wants a strong problem solver who can define goals, assess alternatives and evaluate situations.


Negotiating isn’t just a skill that a sales person should possess, in any role you will need to be able to negotiate with clients, suppliers or even internal staff.

Identify occasions where the candidate has been able to bring a discussion to a successful conclusion, this could just be in a team meeting, but it is all relevant and a skill that is very much sort after.

All the above are fantastic skills to include in your CV but also a good guide of examples you should be taking to an interview.

We hope that you found these tips useful, for more tips from our expert team from CV writing to interview coaching, contact MarkJames Search on 0118 4670671 (Reading), 01753 362 230 (Windsor) or email info@markjamessearch.com

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